Winter Porch

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, and have found that I like to integrate the seasonal aspect within my  holiday decorating. Once the holidays come to an end I take down the decorations, but keep up the more seasonal items. I now see a lot of the decor more as a winter scene, and am […]

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“Feel Home” with my Friend: Sarah Gibson

I am starting a series of posts about a few of my friends and how they “feel home”. Some I have met in person and some only in the online world (hopefully that will change one day!). I want to show you how different types of people create different feelings in their  homes by choosing […]

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“It’s Not About the Perfect Home”

Do you have a list of things that you hope to accomplish some day? Whether you have them in the back of your mind or actually have them written down, they are there, and little by little you work towards them in one way or another. When I discovered Karen and  Zandra from  Little Yellow […]

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Fall Home Tour Ideas

I find that there is a process that goes along with decorating for a season, holiday, etc. For me it generally starts with an inspirational piece and this year was no exception.  This Fall was inspired by the kitchen copper I have accumulated from my parents over the years. There is something special about the […]

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The 7 step process to a “Timeless Feeling Home”

Creating a Timeless Feeling Home This course will guide you, “the everyday home designer”, through the step by step process that I created and use with my own clients. I will teach you how to make decisions with purpose and confidence for your timeless feeling home. We will discover your blueprint (hint, it starts with […]

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I am a teacher that inspires the everyday home designer to discover the feeling of home. What I have learned over time is that the feeling we create in our home is our story. My work will teach and provide you with appealing information on how to discover your own feeling and how to communicate it in your own homes.

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