A Touch of Summer

There is a feeling of ease when it comes to summer, isn’t there? Spring is a very busy season, with the welcoming return of light and warmth. In summer, nature slows down a bit and subtlety becomes the new path to take. When April from House by Hoff and Krista from The Happy Housie asked me […]

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“Feel Home” With My Friend: Gwen Hefner

Recently I started a new series about a few of my friends and how they “feel home”. To recap, I want to show you how different personality traits create different feelings in their homes by choosing design elements that communicate that feeling. The only criteria for my featured friends is to be a talented, willing […]

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Free Mudroom Drawing Plans and Resource List

Please add your email address below to receive the free drawing plans and resource list. Share this link with any friends that might be interested as well. Take care!

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Spring Home Tour

When I was asked by April from House By Hoff and Krista from The Happy Housie if I would like to participate in the “Seasonal Simplicity” home tour, I thought what a fantastic way to celebrate the start of this time of year. I knew from the beginning that  I wanted to represent new life, […]

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Winter Porch

I enjoy decorating for the holidays, and have found that I like to integrate the seasonal aspect within my  holiday decorating. Once the holidays come to an end I take down the decorations, but keep up the more seasonal items. I now see a lot of the decor more as a winter scene, and am […]

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I am a teacher that inspires the everyday home designer to discover the feeling of home. What I have learned over time is that the feeling we create in our home is our story. My work will teach and provide you with appealing information on how to discover your own feeling and how to communicate it in your own homes.

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